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Business analysis, project management, & IT consulting for key financial services providers

Who we are

Effibrains is a UK based consulting firm that serves leading financial services companies. We help our clients achieve their goals and make lasting improvements to their performance by providing excellence of service and highest quality of standards that will consistently exceed their expectations. Over more than a decade, we’ve been working with many key players of the industry over several £ multi-million projects with proven results. Innovative solutions, quality, proactivity, integrity, deep understanding of the business & technologies, customer satisfaction, and revenue & market share improvement are part of our DNA.

What we do

In today's business context, companies need to continually reinvent themselves. At Effibrains, we take an highly structured approach to help clients creating their future. We get involved at all steps of our clients value creation process, from strategy & project initiation, to delivery of disruptive innovations & assurance of end-customer's satisfaction.

Phase 1

Project initiation

Business Case preparation, project governance & funding plan proposal, external suppliers identification & selection, existing operational processes review with identification of strengths & pain points, workshops facilitation with decision makers, new technologies and industry wide best practices awareness , decision making details elicitation and consolidation

Phase 2

Detailed analysis & project monitoring

Verification of project's compliance with internal & external policies / regulations, gap analysis, business requirements consolidation, target solution specification, SLA validation between project's participants, impacts / risks / dependencies identification, organisation of steering committees with sponsors, support model preparation

Phase 3

Transition & expansion

Rehearsal & production readiness assessment, quality assurance, pilot delivery & rollout waves planification, training & handover to BAU / support teams, customer sign-off management & product ownership transfer, KPIs creation & after care, product promotion & adaptation to new business areas

Our services

Some clients of Effibrains are initially using only a specific sub set of our services, however our relationship get very often extended to a wider range as the combination makes it more efficient

Business enablement

Decision making facilitation

Gap analysis & integration

Solution optimization

Data management

Regulatory change


At Effibrains, we are proud of having enabled many of our customers to obtain some of the most prestigious awards of the Financial Services industry.

World's best bank

Derivatives house of the year

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